Tubular Adenoma

What is a Tubular Adenoma?

The answer to ‘what is a tubular adenoma’ can easily be found by studying the meaning of adenoma. In simple words, adenoma is a condition which is caused by the buildup of tumors in different parts of the body. The most common parts which are susceptible to adenoma buildup are colon, breasts, thyroid etc. with the colon adenoma being the most frequent. The formation of adenoma polyps is the simplest way of identifying the condition of adenoma in a location. When adenoma polyps are formed, they are one of the three types that are mentioned here. On the basis of shape, the three types come out to be tubular adenomas, tubulovillous adenoma and villous adenomas. Here are some major problems that are associated with such adenoma polyps.

Adenoma Polyps

The formation of adenoma polyps in any location of the body can be a precursor to cancer. Taking the most common case of colon, the formation of adenoma polyps in this case is regarded as the case of adenocarcinoma of the colon. This condition is cancerous and requires immediate treatment for preventing major problems in the long run. Out of the three types of adenomas, the villous adenoma is the most common type which can lead to cancer. This fact is associated with the high surface area of the villous adenomas. However, such adenoma polyps are not that common and do not occur frequently. However, the case of tubulovillous adenoma is something that needs to be thought upon. Since tubulovillous adenoma is a combination of tubular adenoma and villous adenoma, the chances of it turning cancerous are automatically increased. Since such tubulovillous adenoma polyps are highly probable of turning cancerous, it is necessary that you take the right steps to ensure that such a condition does not arise.

Treating Colon Polyps

When colon polyps are formed, they can be any one of the types mentioned above. No matter what type they are, you should take steps to ensure that they are benign in nature. Cancerous adenoma polyps are dangerous and can lead to major complications in the body. For treating colon polyps, you need to follow the procedure of colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is something that would require you to take out the adenoma polyps at the earliest, and examine them for a complete analysis. It does not matter if it is a tubulovillous adenoma or a tubular adenoma, what is important is the chance of it turning cancerous, when left untreated.